Academy Award® long-listed Short Film available on DVD and BluRay

'The Gift' tells the inspiring, true story of how a positive influence can unlock potential and create greatness. How a boy from the wrong side of the tracks could become the greatest entertainer of all time...Elvis Presley.

Whether you’re a fan of The King, have a child needing a positive message about making smart choices in life, or you are local to The South, “The Gift” is for you!

Beautifully filmed showcasing Mississippi’s vibrant scenery, this is a film with a heart that showcases one of music’s most important moments in history.

So why not pick up your own copy of 'The Gift' now.

Not only do you get the beautiful film, but exclusively with the DVD & BluRay there is almost 2 hours of additional content:

  • Interview with the Award-winning writer/director and producer.

  • Interview with veteran Hollywood actor Xander Berkeley.

  • Interview with up-and-coming child actor, Brady Permenter.

  • Interview with Amye Gousset, who plays the caring mother.

  • Interview with Mississippi local legend George H. Booth II.

  • Interview with Guy Harris, Elvis' closest childhood friend.

  • Photo albums containing exclusive pictures of young Elvis.

All of this as well as the blessing of Ms Priscilla Presley and great success on the film festival circuit playing at almost 50 festivals around the world. 'The Gift' can also be seen on Virgin Atlantic!

The Cast & Crew of 'The Gift'